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The End of Fallen Power

Just over a year ago Storm Unbound went live. To my great surprise (but unending gratitude!) people read it. Some even loved the characters or world that had been kicking around in my head for years. With the publication of Fallen Reaper, the story of Tristan comes to an end. It’s bitter-sweet to be here. I’ve enjoyed the arc of Tristan growing from an indolent, self-absorbed youth to a man caring for his Bound and the world around him. But stories must end, and I’m excited to move onto my next project.

Though my next series will have a different setting and characters, the hero will face a changing world and have to find his place in it. He will progress to untold heights of power through the strength of his will, but also through the love of the heroines. Only together can they triumph. I’m already writing. The overall arcs for the series are planned. I don’t have a timeline yet (Fallen Reaper took longer than I wanted for a variety of reasons).

So, thank you everyone that has been with me for Fallen Power, and I hope you will be back for my next series!


3 thoughts on “The End of Fallen Power”

  1. Thank you so much for this series. I loved the characters, powers, and the world. I cannot wait to read more of your writing. What a wonderful style

  2. Thank you for this series! It actually got me into the genre. I discovered books 1 and 2 from Podium and absolutely loved them, but I’m still debating whether or not I want to read 3 and 4 before the audio versions are released. Vanessa did such a great job I even heard her voice when reading “Wrath of the Cook”. I keep checking Podium’s site to see if there’s any news on books 3 and 4 being released, hopefully not long!

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