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Phase Titan – Drones, Babes, and Interstellar Bugs coming July 26

The pre-order for the first book in my next series is now live on Amazon!

Earth is an alien civilization’s experimental training ground, and Ethan is caught in the middle of it.

The experiment’s final stage is here, an apocalyptic Swarm ravenous for biomass and Psy. Its arrival wakes a dormant extraterrestrial artifact that seizes Ethan and transforms him into something more than human.

Phase Titan—the title means nothing to Ethan or his scientist companion. But to the alien babe he finds fighting the local warlord the Titans are legendary warriors, a myth that she came to Earth chasing, and the only hope for stopping the Swarm.

He has the tools to get it done—weapons that channel Psy, a bioengineered body unlike anything else on Earth, and an alien ship filled with cutting-edge technology. As strong as Ethan is, he can’t do it alone. He needs companions known as Harmonics to shape his Titan power and keep him sane as he carries a burden he never asked for.

But before Ethan can save the world, he’ll have to survive. The local militia aren’t making it easy. They’ve found Ethan’s base, a secret government lab, and put it under siege.

And worse lurks within the militia’s ranks than raiders looking for spoils—things that aren’t entirely human anymore. Things that only a Titan can stand toe to toe with. Luckily for Earth, Ethan is just the Titan for the job.

What to expect with Phase Titan

Phase Titan is a post-apocalyptic harem adventure set on Earth in the aftermath of the cataclysmic arrival of the Swarm. I consider this book to be science fantasy. The setting includes elements typical of science fiction (space ships, aliens, advanced technology) blended with magic and the fantastical—think Star Wars and Warhammer 40k rather than anything by Asimov.

Like Fallen Power, it’s an explicit harem story. Along with plenty of action, the girls play a central role in the plot and are critical to our hero’s success. Speaking of our hero, Ethan is an ordinary guy swept up in an alien civilization’s experiment—Earth was seeded long ago with the goal of forging the ultimate warrior: the Phase Titan. Titans are more than muscles and big guns. They are beings of Psy, the psychic energy of communal higher lifeforms like humans, and armed with Psy weapons and power armor.

Ethan has the very tools he needs to save mankind, yet the more he uncovers about himself, the Swarm, and the alien society that made Earth into an experimental training ground, the clearer it is that something darker is going on beneath the surface.

Phase Titan releases on July 26th on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Pre-order now to have it automatically delivered!

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