Leo Hull

Phase Titan 3

Phase Titan 3 is now out on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! This brings the Phase Titan trilogy to a close. Audio for the first two is available now on Audible, and production on the third should begin soon.

The Swarm spreads out of control. Monsters and mutants infest cities. Extermination is the only option.

The Phase Titan now has six Harmonics, but Ethan is just one man with no way to wipeout the worldwide infestation.

Moonshot experiments risk unintended consequences. Worse, an alien fleet prepares to turn Earth into a radioactive wasteland—not to stop the Swarm, but to prevent Ethan from gaining more power.

Faced with two converging apocalypses, Ethan and his Harmonics will need brains, brawn, and all the Psy they can get their hands on. The question is if they can handle it.

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