Leo Hull

Phase Titan 2

Phase Titan 2 is now out on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! This is the fastest turnaround I’ve had between books, and I’m hoping to carry the momentum into the final book in the Phase Titan trilogy. This was a fun one to write. The Swarm gets weirder, and our hero closes in on claiming the tools and allies he needs to save Earth.

Alien infestation and an interstellar extermination fleet threaten Earth. Only the Phase Titan stands in the way.

The Swarm is mortal. Ethan, with the help of his Harmonics, destroyed one outbreak and harvested its power. The problem? Ethan wasn’t Earth’s first Phase Titan, and his predecessors did him no favors by scattering the Titan armaments.

The only lead is a ransacked university research lab taken over by an Archive dedicated to preserving mankind’s knowledge. Somewhere in this vast collection, the Titan armaments hide. And it’s under attack by an anti-technology mob convinced humanity was the architect of the apocalypse.

Worse, they find signs of the Swarm.

Who are this professor and her student, both touched by the Swarm yet still human? Hybrids, they call themselves. The result of experimenting with Swarm biology. The key to mastering the alien infestation threatening Earth. Something of theirs is missing too—a priceless biological specimen that might just be humanity’s greatest weapon against the Swarm.

It’s a race to recover the Titan armaments and find the Hybrids’ specimen before it dies, all while Ethan’s Titan presence draws the growing Swarm menace to finish what the mob has started. And somewhere in all this, the Archive demands that Ethan find, of all things, a printer.

Drones, babes, and interstellar bugs—the Phase Titan goes back to school.

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