Leo Hull

Fallen Power update

Yesterday, I finished the first draft of Fallen Power 3. I always give myself a bit of time off after a first draft before going back to start the editing process to gain a bit of perspective, but I expect the editing process on this book to go faster than Fallen Power 2. My goal is to publish Book 3 in mid/late March. I look forward to sharing the continued adventures of Tristan and his Bound as they search out Fallen mysteries frozen in the north!

I’ll also be starting on Fallen Power 4 (the final book in the series). I hope to publish the conclusion in late spring or early summer, about the time that Podium starts audio book production on the series.

Beyond Fallen Power

The adventures won’t end with Fallen Power. I’ve already been thinking about the next series and am excited to create a new world and cast of characters!

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