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Fallen Power coming to Audio!

I am excited to announce that I’ve signed with Podium to produce and publish the audiobooks for the Fallen Power series! Working with Podium will get these books into audio sooner than I would be able to do on my own, and with a team of experienced professionals to help make the best possible listening experience. The ink is fresh on this one, but once more details are known about the production timeline and narrator, I will post about them here.

Fallen Power 2 update

Book 2 is progressing nicely. In my October update, I estimated I was about halfway done. I’ve doubled the word count since then (passing the length of Book 1), and I still have more to write to wrap this one up!

2 thoughts on “Fallen Power coming to Audio!”

    1. I finished the first draft of Fallen Power 3 yesterday! I’ve been meaning to write an update post but been too wrapped up in the actual writing to make the time. Thanks for the nudge and I will send out more soon.

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