Leo Hull

Leo Hull

Phase Titan 3

Phase Titan 3 is now out on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! This brings the Phase Titan trilogy to a close. Audio for the first two is available now on Audible, and production on the third should begin soon. The Swarm spreads out of control. Monsters and mutants infest cities. Extermination is the only option. The …

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Phase Titan 2

Phase Titan 2 is now out on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! This is the fastest turnaround I’ve had between books, and I’m hoping to carry the momentum into the final book in the Phase Titan trilogy. This was a fun one to write. The Swarm gets weirder, and our hero closes in on claiming the …

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Phase Titan – Drones, Babes, and Interstellar Bugs coming July 26

The pre-order for the first book in my next series is now live on Amazon! Earth is an alien civilization’s experimental training ground, and Ethan is caught in the middle of it. The experiment’s final stage is here, an apocalyptic Swarm ravenous for biomass and Psy. Its arrival wakes a dormant extraterrestrial artifact that seizes …

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I’m alive

It’s been a while. I’m still here. Still writing. More coming soon.

The End of Fallen Power

Just over a year ago Storm Unbound went live. To my great surprise (but unending gratitude!) people read it. Some even loved the characters or world that had been kicking around in my head for years. With the publication of Fallen Reaper, the story of Tristan comes to an end. It’s bitter-sweet to be here. …

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March Fallen Power 3 Update

There is going to be a small delay to Fallen Power 3. The book is written, the cover is made, and most of the editing has been completed, but a recent, unexpected loss in the family has put everything on pause in the last couple of weeks. I am slowly plugging back in but it …

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Fallen Power update

Yesterday, I finished the first draft of Fallen Power 3. I always give myself a bit of time off after a first draft before going back to start the editing process to gain a bit of perspective, but I expect the editing process on this book to go faster than Fallen Power 2. My goal …

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Fallen Power coming to Audio!

I am excited to announce that I’ve signed with Podium to produce and publish the audiobooks for the Fallen Power series! Working with Podium will get these books into audio sooner than I would be able to do on my own, and with a team of experienced professionals to help make the best possible listening …

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